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Perfect for startups, professional bettors and daily fantasy sharps.

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Realtime data for enterprises, market makers and media companies.

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Need custom data? Alternate markets? Hamster odds? We’ve got you covered.

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Last Updated Aug 2023
What is your sport coverage?

We cover traditional sports like NFL, NBA, MLB, etc. as well as Esports and special events (Olympics, World Cup, etc.)

How do you ensure data integrity & availability?

We uses multiple sources for odds, scores, match event data, which are cross-checked by both human & AI, and hosted across a variety of cloud providers to ensure reliability and availability.

Do you support alternate markets?

Yes. We support a wide range of alternate like in-game odds, play-by-play data, fantasy scoring in more. Have a custom data request? I would love to chat

Who started Wager API?

Wager was started by Toni Gemayel. I’ve spent the last 10 years working on DFS apps, prediction markets, and design tooling.

Where are your headquarters?

We’re based in sunny Miami, FL.